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Meriheini Luoto is a Helsinki based composer and multi-instrumentalist focusing mainly on violin, nyckelharpa, electronics and vocals. Her compositions often have their basis in improvisation, timbre qualities, the experiential, and intuition. The possibilities offered by different architectural spaces inspire her to seek new and unusual ways of performing and experiencing music. With an adventurous mind and the knowledge of Scandinavian folk music tradition she creates soundscapes of something truly old and new at the same time.


 In 2017 Meriheini released her debut album Metsänpeitto (lit. covered by forest) which has been critically acclaimed and nominated for the Teosto Prize, which is one of the most noteworthy art prizes in the Nordic countries. A sequel to the debut album ’Metsänpeitto 2’ was released in September 2019. In recent years she has composed and performed music for contemporary dance and collaborated with Finnish choreographers Valtteri Raekallio & Annamari Keskinen/Thar Be Dragons. She also plays in the band Akkajee along with a viola player Iida Savolainen.

Meriheini holds a M.Mus majoring in folk music from the prestigious Sibelius Academy. She’s been performing in Canada, USA, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and Finland among others. Her work has been supported by The Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Kone Foundation & MES. 


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